Oxford Industrial Finishers: Specialists In High Quality Powder Coating & Industrial Wet Painting
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The complete finishing solution

All aspects of surface preparation leading to powder coating or industrial wet painting.

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With regret after over thirty years trading Oxford Industrial Finishers Limited will be closing on December 21st 2017. We will only reopen in January to finish any work still held with us.

Thank you for your valued custom over the years.


Grit blasting/ Bead blasting & Chemical Stripping

Quality finishing starts with appropriate surface preparation. We can grit blast previously painted components either with our own plant or an approved third party contractor. Smaller components can be bead blasted in our dedicated bead blaster - for a clean and uniform finish. Similarly we can chemically strip previously painted components - smaller components are stripped in house while larger components/ larger volumes are sent off site to approved third party contractors. New and unpainted surfaces often still require rubbing/ sanding down to provide a smoother surface finish and provide a key for the paint to adhere to - all included as part of our service.

Surface Pre-treatment

Most components are put through our front loading multi stage degreasing and phosphate cleaning spray pre-treatment machine. A multi stage process which washes components to clear grease, oils and dust - prior to the application of a phosphate based pre-treatment solution. The coating provides corrosion resistance in its own right as well as providing an excellent key for the paint to adhere to. Where components cannot be put through the cleaning - due to size for example - items are degreased by hand.

Click here to see the technical data sheet for the zirconium solution that we use.


For the high technology community that we serve what we do not paint is often as important as what we do paint! Precision masking ensures for example electrical components have a proper earth and masked studs and threads ensure ease of assembly following painting. For larger component volumes we source tailor made laser cut heat proof masking kits - ensuring quicker and more precise masking of components.

Powder Coating

Powder paint is increasingly becoming the finishing solution of choice for manufacturing industry. Powder offers superior protection over most wet paints and is considered an environmentally friendly finish - powder coatings contain little or no VOC's (volatile organic compounds). The powder paint is applied by electrostatic gun - sprayed in a spray booth prior to the paint being cured in an industrial oven - typical curing temperatures are 180c to 200c.

We can apply all the main types of powder coating:

Polyester powders - ideally used for components placed outside and exposed to the elements - providing protection against external weathering with a high level of UV stability.

Epoxy powders - ideally suited for indoor applications - providing a high degree of chemical and mechanical wear protection.

Epoxy polyesters - a hybrid powder combining the best features of polyesters and epoxy powders.

Powders are available in a wide range of colours - see our colour chart tab. We stock approximately 200 powders in a variety of finishes. The colours that we carry include the more popular colours from the RAL range (European specification) and British Standard ranges (BS 381C and BS 4800). Non-standard colours/ colours that we do not stock can be matched/ supplied by any one of a number of the paint manufacturers that we use.

Powders are available in a number of gloss levels - matt at c.30% gloss, semi-gloss at c.60% gloss and full gloss at 90%.

Powders are available in a number of finishes - a traditional smooth finish, a fine texture appearance through too much coarser leatherettes.

For the medical sector we can apply powders which have anti-microbial properties.

Paint manufacturers are constantly developing speciality finishes - metallic silvers and gold's for example. We are one of only a few coaters in the UK that can provide a "soft feel" powder coating.

We have three large industrial ovens - our "double pass" and "tunnel" ovens are used for curing powder on most components that we handle - however our box oven can cope with larger components (up to 3m in length and 1.8m square cross section - up to 1.5 tonnes in weight).

Industrial Wet Paint

Not all items can be powder coated - for example preassembled electrical items which would not survive the heat of the ovens, most plastics and MDF or large items which cannot fit in the ovens. The range of colours and finishes possible with wet paint is greater than that of powder and we are able to source smaller quantities of wet paint as opposed to the relatively large minimum order levels for powders.

We carry out all main forms of air drying wet paint finishes, painting both on site or where required and where possible off site at customers premises. Our ovens are used to "force dry" components once wet painted - speeding up the process and reducing the risk of contamination and facilitating the prompt packing and shipping of goods. We apply solvent based as well as water based paints. Single pack or Twin pack paint systems - please enquire as to your specific requirements.

Advisory Service

Whatever the requirement we are pleased to offer our advice. We have a close working relationship with a number of the larger paint manufacturers in the UK - so if we do not know the answer we usually know someone that does.

Turnaround and Collection and Delivery

In today's fast paced business environment where customers are ever more demanding we appreciate the importance of fast and efficient turnaround. Next working day by prior arrangement if required and typically within two to three working days. We are also able to offer a collection and delivery service by prior arrangement.

With regret after over thirty years trading Oxford Industrial Finishers Limited will be closing on December 21st 2017. We will only reopen in January to finish any work still held with us.

Thank you for your valued custom over the years.